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Var Dumper

The VarDumperServiceProvider provides a mechanism that allows exploring then dumping any PHP variable.


  • var_dumper.dump_destination: A stream URL where dumps should be written to (defaults to null).


  • n/a


$app->register(new Silex\Provider\VarDumperServiceProvider());


Add the Symfony VarDumper Component as a dependency:

composer require symfony/var-dumper


Adding the VarDumper component as a Composer dependency gives you access to the dump() PHP function anywhere in your code.

If you are using Twig, it also provides a dump() Twig function and a dump Twig tag.

The VarDumperServiceProvider is also useful when used with the Silex WebProfiler as the dumps are made available in the web debug toolbar and in the web profiler.

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