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The SwiftmailerServiceProvider provides a service for sending email through the Swift Mailer library.

You can use the mailer service to send messages easily. By default, it will attempt to send emails through SMTP.


  • swiftmailer.use_spool: A boolean to specify whether or not to use the memory spool, defaults to true.

  • swiftmailer.options: An array of options for the default SMTP-based configuration.

    The following options can be set:

    • host: SMTP hostname, defaults to ‘localhost’.
    • port: SMTP port, defaults to 25.
    • username: SMTP username, defaults to an empty string.
    • password: SMTP password, defaults to an empty string.
    • encryption: SMTP encryption, defaults to null. Valid values are ‘tls’, ‘ssl’, or null (indicating no encryption).
    • auth_mode: SMTP authentication mode, defaults to null. Valid values are ‘plain’, ‘login’, ‘cram-md5’, or null.

    Example usage:

    $app['swiftmailer.options'] = array(
        'host' => 'host',
        'port' => '25',
        'username' => 'username',
        'password' => 'password',
        'encryption' => null,
        'auth_mode' => null
  • swiftmailer.sender_address: If set, all messages will be delivered with this address as the “return path” address.

  • swiftmailer.delivery_addresses: If not empty, all email messages will be sent to those addresses instead of being sent to their actual recipients. This is often useful when developing.

  • swiftmailer.delivery_whitelist: Used in combination with delivery_addresses. If set, emails matching any of these patterns will be delivered like normal, as well as being sent to delivery_addresses.

  • swiftmailer.plugins: Array of SwiftMailer plugins.

    Example usage:

    $app['swiftmailer.plugins'] = function ($app) {
        return array(
            new \Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin('pop3.example.com'),


  • mailer: The mailer instance.

    Example usage:

    $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance();
    // ...
  • swiftmailer.transport: The transport used for e-mail delivery. Defaults to a Swift_Transport_EsmtpTransport.

  • swiftmailer.transport.buffer: StreamBuffer used by the transport.

  • swiftmailer.transport.authhandler: Authentication handler used by the transport. Will try the following by default: CRAM-MD5, login, plaintext.

  • swiftmailer.transport.eventdispatcher: Internal event dispatcher used by Swiftmailer.


$app->register(new Silex\Provider\SwiftmailerServiceProvider());


Add SwiftMailer as a dependency:

composer require swiftmailer/swiftmailer


The Swiftmailer provider provides a mailer service:

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

$app->post('/feedback', function (Request $request) use ($app) {
    $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance()
        ->setSubject('[YourSite] Feedback')
        ->setFrom(array('[email protected]'))
        ->setTo(array('[email protected]'))


    return new Response('Thank you for your feedback!', 201);

Usage in commands

By default, the Swiftmailer provider sends the emails using the KernelEvents::TERMINATE event, which is fired after the response has been sent. However, as this event isn’t fired for console commands, your emails won’t be sent.

For that reason, if you send emails using a command console, it is recommended that you disable the use of the memory spool (before accessing $app['mailer']):

$app['swiftmailer.use_spool'] = false;

Alternatively, you can just make sure to flush the message spool by hand before ending the command execution. To do so, use the following code:



Silex\Application\SwiftmailerTrait adds the following shortcuts:

  • mail: Sends an email.
    ->setSubject('[YourSite] Feedback')
    ->setFrom(array('[email protected]'))
    ->setTo(array('[email protected]'))

For more information, check out the Swift Mailer documentation.

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